Food Safety

Some newer types of fresh meat, packaging allows for longer storage times in the refrigerator and contains a “Best Before” date. Once these vacuum packages are opened, the meat should be used promptly (ground pork within 1 day, other cuts within 2–3 days).


  • Use moisture-proof airtight packaging, freezer bags, heavy duty foil or freezer wrap to protect the meat from losing moisture during storage.
  • Remove as much air as possible before freezing.
  • Freeze chops and steaks in meal size packages.
  • A double layer of waxed paper between pieces makes it easier to separate later.
  • Freeze ground pork in patties or in ½ lb/250g or 1 lb/500 g packages.
  • Label packages with the date, pork cut, weight and number of servings.

Four steps for food handling:

  1. CLEAN – wash your hands and kitchen surfaces often.
  2. SEPARATE – keep raw meat/poultry/seafood and their juices separate from other foods. Don’t cross-contaminate.
  3. CHILL – refrigerate or freeze foods promptly.
  4. COOK – always cook to proper temperatures.

Bacteria are all around us. Most of them are harmless, but others can make you sick if allowed to grow and multiply. All foods, including fruits and vegetables, have the potential to cause illness, since microorganisms can exist on all surfaces. Follow the four steps – Clean, Separate, Chill & Cook – to eliminate harmful bacteria and greatly reduce the risk of foodborne illness. Also remember, “When in doubt, throw it out!”


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