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When you’re looking for flavour, tenderness, versatility and healthy eating, pork is the perfect choice. Pork is the most popular meat in the world, making up over 43% of world meat consumption. Its mild flavour is well suited to diverse flavour combinations – spicy, hot, tangy, or sweet – and is the basis for many ethnic favourites. A wide variety of pork cuts, both bone-in and boneless, suit all cooking styles and make meal planning and preparations easy.

Pork is a healthy choice
An added bonus is pork’s excellent health profile. Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating recommends choosing leaner meats, like pork, more often. Pork supplies 4 important vitamins, 6 important minerals, plus protein and energy to fit into a healthy eating plan.

Pork gets the Health Check™
Pork also meets the criteria of a lean meat in the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada’s Health Check™ program. The program promotes making wise food choices at the grocery store. Foods that qualify for the program must meet specific nutrient criteria for different food categories. All trimmed pork cuts, with the exception of ribs, qualify as “lean” or “extra lean” and meet this criteria. The Health Check™ logo guides you to foods that you should eat more often as part of a healthy diet.


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