PNS Offices Moving Back

The offices of NSFA, EFP, ACMA, Agri-Futures and NSIA are moving back to their regular space at Annapolis Building tomorrow, July 11th!

We will have a short disruption of service with phones and email while we move, but hope to be back to full service very quickly.

We thank our members for their patience during the past 3 months!  Thank you also to the staff at Perennia Park for helping us make the Innovation Center home during this time.

During our time in relocation, we had an office pool that listed “office return dates” anywhere from May 6th to July 3rd (remember we relocated on April 15th). The winner of the pool was Brad McCallum, ACMA with the date of July 3rd.  Brad received a $50 Tim’s card that he quickly donated back for coffee and donuts that we can enjoy tomorrow.


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