Pork Producers Commit to Swine Health Collaboration

Canadian pork producers continue to make swine health a priority by committing producer levies to fund a national animal health initiative.  The focus for the national animal health initiative will be to bring key players together to collaborate on efforts across Canada that limit the spread of viruses like PEDv, increase communication and monitor surveillance activities.

“I am pleased with the provincial pork board’s unanimous response to CPC’s recommendation to back a national animal health initiative,” stated CPC’s Chair, Jean Guy Vincent. “There is no pause in the fight to safe guard the health status of our industry.”

CPC has received support from its members to fund a National Swine Health initiative to continue to build on all of the work that has been done over the past few years. Senior staff from across Canada met before the holidays this year to strategize on next steps and how to reinforce the importance of biosecurity.

“The pork industry has worked together to improve biosecurity and taken every step possible to stop the spread of PEDv and to eliminate this virus from Canada,” added Vincent. “Producers should be commended for investing in the national animal health initiative and believe this effort complements the many activities taking place at a provincial level across Canada.”

The provincial emergency response plans developed are effective and significant steps have been taken to help reduce the risk of a virus being spread in Canada.  Producers are encouraged to increase their due diligence and use the tools and best information available to prevent the potential spread of the PEDv or other production diseases. The national animal health initiative was developed based on feedback from producers across Canada that met over two days in November to help shape the future of the industry and address the many challenges and opportunities for the next year.


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