Making The Most of Today’s Wireless Devices Workshop


Speaker Peter Gredig will help us understand the potential of smartphones in our wireless world.

You’ll get insight into social media, apps beyond email, markets and weather, and the language of wireless communications.

  • know what to look for in selecting a service provider
  • learn how wireless can help in your day-to-day activities
  • discover functionality you might not know you have
  • learn which apps are most useful in agriculture
  • get input into which device might be right for you

Peter Gredig is a corn, soybean and wheat producer based near London, Ontario,  He has a background in agricultural media and communications. He’s the president of Kettle Creek Communications and is working with a number of organizations on strategies and tools that use mobile technologies to help Canadian farmers.

Refreshments and materials provided.

Reserve a place at this free event today for you, family, friends and business partners by calling 1-800-387-3232 or you can register online


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